We are in between two reserves and two villages. We enjoy the beauty of nature and the noise pollution provided on a regular basis by illegal and visible cone speakers. Noise pollution is dangerous to humans and disturbing to wildlife. The Supreme Court says broadcasting loud music or messages are banned or regulated for the benefit of all including of those who come from far to enjoy our fantastic nature. Here are some samples, we will continue to provide bad music and bad sound as long as they exist or we exist.

Something that took us aback: drones! For wildlife studies, you need permission from both the Forest Department (for the study itself) and then from the Civil Aviation (to fly the drone). Tourist go to resorts to see wildlife at any cost (a language understood by resorts) and are do whatever they like (there are very few places where conservation is understood and practiced). So instead of using drones for the protection of wildlife say to detect illegal activities with powerful high altitude machines, you will see the multiplication of small drones that will increase disturbance (even more). Our land (a critical peaceful point of passage along a river) was  relatively quiet, but now drones can disturb wildlife resting during the day.


Early morning start with music


In this video (52 s.) you will see Hamish John Appleby, photographer and our collaborator performing an early morning dance. It is 6:30 am, middle December 2013, the sun raises on the jungle. And instead of the birds’ call, a ceremony held in the nearby village of Vazhaitottam, 500 m away, blasts a terribly inappropriate music. Birds are heard and can give you an idea of the loudness of the music.


Wedding music all night and opera! Enjoy it or else

This video (2 mins. 27 s.), early January 2014 is most remarkable but taken at night and images are completely dark. We were told the music from Vazhaitottam 500 m away, was for a wedding. It lasted all night. The villagers could not sleep. The clicks of the frogs give you an idea of the power of the broadcast. At 1 min. 12 s. a singer from a nearby resort started an opera song probably to compete with the sound and for fun. In any case given the conditions in the village, “why implementing any regulations?” is the message loudly broadcast.

Religious festival – educate yourself, like it or not!

In this video (1 min. 56 s.), enjoy a religious ceremony. Every day, half an hour in the morning and half an hour in the evening for a week, early January 2014. Notice the insect songs to get an idea of the noise from Vallatottam.