Our philosophy is that humans need to develop a saner relationship with the environment, biodiversity in particular.

Even if all goes well and humanity can find new planets to colonize (not easy), 99.9999%  of us will miss the boat … There is no second biosphere.

But look at this planet, how beautiful it is. It can make the 99.9999% of us and our descendents happy. We can live in a beautiful world, if we achieve two objectives: (i) understand the cause of the mess, and (ii) live in harmony with nature.

I am afraid the first point is simple, no need to expand on this. Spend two hours in India and you know that the ego is the source of the problem. Legal experts trained at Harvard say that as well. Instead of “more” if we put “enough” before: children, energy, money, cars, phones, computers, authentic experience, rooms, cloth, status,… then we won’t overdo it.

The second point is technical. We have lost our connection with nature, fighting it, conquering it, subordinating it. Before it fights back (climate change, soil erosion, biodiversity collapse, invasions and epidemics), we must learn to integrate our development with the biosphere.

The Sigur Nature Trust is an attempt to live in the jungle. It  is a modest effort of integration with nature and an observatory of how things could improve in our region. We document, inform, share and do our work on the basis of this philosophy.