Approximately 10% of the total land area is under (feeble) protection. Another way to look at it is to realize that we have destroyed 90% of the biosphere. Looking at the horrifying magnitude of these numbers, our philosophy at the Sigur Nature Trust is that humanity needs to develop a saner relationship with the environment, biodiversity in particular.

We don’t have another planet and even if we find one, most humanity is bound to stay on Earth. We should make the best of it, consequently thinking about our responsibilities towards coming generations and the rest of life.

Fear is the cause of our relentless aggression towards anything alive: fear of not having descendants and fear of not having enough to eat. For most of us, these fears should be part of the past. But our biology hasn’t changed and we remain greedy like our ape ancestors. It is time to change, to have less children and to consume less.

The Sigur Nature Trust is an example of renunciation. A middle-class Indian family invested a significant portion of its capital into… nature, thanks to the initial efforts of E.R.C. Davidar. This was an investment into nothingness if you consider that money is more important than life, beauty and a sustainable future.

For those who share our values, you can protect your environment. Because if we can do it, you can also do it.