R. V. G. K. Ranga Rao

R.V.G.K. Ranga Rao, former MP, 14th Raja of Bobbili and son of R. Ranga Rao, who was the Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu from 1932 to 1937. R.V.G.K. Ranga Rao was a nature lover and a noted photographer as well. He shared the vision of the SNT and kept a large piece of land undeveloped for decades. He then decided to make it part of SNT. Such contributions are of invaluable value for the preservation of wild habitats. Unfortunately he is no more.

M. S. Appa Rao

M. S. Appa Rao, veteran socialist, lawyer, served as Chairman of Hindustan Photo Films and was a founder-trustee of the Madras Institute of Development Studies. M.S., as we affectionately called him, was dedicated to democratic values and principles. Avid photographer, he was a very dedicated lover of nature and helped in many ways in the development of the SNT. Unfortunately he passed away in September 2006.