This 1 min. 05 s. video (poor quality, sorry: birds are incredibly difficult to film!) shows white-rumped vultures (Gyps bengalensis) circling in the sky. Vultures had disappeared from our landscapes for decades. The reason was that cattle were given a pain killer diclophenac toxic to the vultures. Vultures feeding on dead cattle carcasses then died of kidney failure and gout. In later year, the pain killer for veterinary use was banned and the vultures recovered from the brink of extinction. It is an amazing sight to see them circling in groups and as they are excellent flyers, they cover extensive area in the search for food.


In this 47s video, you see a woodpecker at work. It could be called “use your head”. It is amazing how this little bird goes about his business, removing pieces from a bamboo nest. Looking at how he uses his beck gives a headache. See how he “sits” on its tail which is more rigid than in the other birds, as a lever to give more power to its punches.