Dead baby elephants evaporate from statistics.

On 21 Sept. 15, we saw a dead baby elephant on the Mysore – Gudalur highway at 4:30 pm inside the Bandipur Tiger Reserve, 2 – 3 km before the border with Tamil Nadu. Minutes earlier, we saw a Karnataka State Corporation bus rushing at an insane speed. No other car coming in the opposite direction had any sign of collision with a large animal. We were the first to inform the border check post of the Karnataka Forest Department and immediately after us, the driver of a tanker provided the same information in our presence, of a dead baby elephant. Half an hour later, we were informed that no such incident had happened (the hit and run accident with a baby elephant). A day later we “heard” there was a hit and run case at the same time on 21st September which killed a baby elephant but the Karnataka Forest Department claims it was in the Mudumalai Tiger Reserve. What is the real story? Are there any other witnesses?

Jean-Philippe Puyravaud.